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Hi! I’m Aryanne, welcome to my little corner of the world!

I was not always genuinely happy with my life, but I did a great job of pretending I was (or so I thought).

So how did I get here? I can sit and recall my childhood, moments where I was compared to others, criticized for being myself, altered my decisions in hopes that I would receive an undetermined level of approval and then everything would be great. The reality though, is while my upbringing and childhood experiences shaped who I was, I remained that person for as long as I did because I was scared. Scared of people’s opinions, scared of change, and scared that if I actually verbalized my passions I would be laughed out to town.  

I built a career in the Events industry, implemented Project Management principles with the creative aspects of planning an event, all while pretending to be happy. To the public eye my life seemed perfect, while behind the closed door of my bathroom (my favourite crying spot), I was unhappy, unfulfilled, physically unwell and heading directly for a mental breakdown.

When I finally hit my lowest point, I sat on my bathroom floor after hours of crying and planning how to bring this feeling of unworthiness to a permanent end, I told a friend that I was either going into the hospital or the morgue that night.

Making the decision to seek assistance is something I will never regret doing. Admitting my challenges and coming up with a plan to get me from an unhealthy mindset to a healthy one was necessary. While working with the professionals during those dark moments was helpful, I did recognize that there were gaps in the solution. I started to ask myself some poignant questions.

  1. When did I first feel like this?
  2. What could I have done differently to have an alternate outcome?
  3. Who could I speak with before this point and what would they tell me?
  4. Do other women feel like this?
  5. How can I help another woman before they get to this point?

These questions led me to research and eventually studying the science behind our emotions, how they affect our behaviours and what actions we habitually take because of them. During the journey of building myself back up to a healthy state I was able to take a hard look at the natural talents and gifts I had overlooked for so long. I recognized that daily I spoke with women who, like me, were putting on a mask to step out into the world to be the person that someone else expected us to be.

How often was I the “voice of reason” for friends and strangers who felt compelled to share a challenge with me?  I was the person everyone came to when they needed a listening ear, were stuck on an idea, or just needed a swift kick in the butt. I was always been able to create heartfelt connections with individuals, allowing them space to comfortably share with me, non-judgementally, and then gently guiding them towards the steps needed to create and take their next actionable steps. So why have I denied this purpose for so long?  

FEAR. Four simple letters that can cause huge yet varied reactions, some freeze, some flee and some fawn. Now addressing my fears, my response when in the midst of it and creating the steps needed to get me out of a state of fear and into a healthy emotional state were some of the most difficult aspects of my healing journey.

The healing journey to my greatest self, was a process, I didn’t wake up one morning and was suddenly healed. I had to put in the time and more importantly the effort daily to find my worth and to share it with the world. I developed my own tools, techniques and methods that combined the science of Cognitive Behavioural Techniques with the spiritual connection of my highest self.

This journey truly transformed me, I lost people I considered friends, released myself from the expectations of others, stepped away from an unfulfilling career and started helping others to do the same.

Stepping into your greatest self is an ongoing process…as I help women move through their own discovery and healing, I step further into my greatness, my power, and my healing. Through my journey I have acquired the knowledge and experience to guide you to your greatest self.

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