I have the pleasure of helping you discover your unfulfilled passions, uncover and address those emotional blocks and clearly align with your purpose so you can step into your greatest self and start truly living your very best life!

Creating your best life isn’t a one-size fits all recipe, my programs are merely the raw ingredients which you can use to turn into your own signature dish! Best part, you can tweak it and adjust the seasonings at any time, any way you wish!

The experiences of my life have allowed me to pursue a variety of specialties in my studies, all of which I have put into my own signature dishes of tools, resources, and coaching methods. This allows me to effectively work alongside clients to chart your map, understanding that each map will be unique, and each client will follow their map at their own pace. This freedom to set your own pace while still being supported, sometimes receiving a small push forward if you’re self sabotaging, has resulted in consistent positive results.

Working with me is different. I don’t teach only affirmations. I don’t teach only manifestation techniques. I don’t teach only positive visualization. I don’t teach only emotional regulation, happiness, self-love, or self-acceptance. I don’t teach only passion and purpose. I teach all of them combined!

We’re multifaceted creatures and the truest way to uncover your greatest self is to ensure you don’t neglect any aspect of yourself getting you closer to the sense of freedom and fulfillment that you’re looking for. I believe strongly that the three pillars of mind, body, spirit, are the foundation elements for anything powerful that you want to change or create in your life!

Currently I work with women in three ways, all initiated by a conversation so we can find the best fit for you to meet you where you’re currently at, as we plan on your next steps.

90 Day RE-Design

A one on one coaching experience like no other. We’ll work together on accessing your desired goal, creating your custom plan and then it’s all about the execution.

This pathway is for women who are serious about seeing a change in an area of their life. They are ready to face themselves, address behaviours that are holding them back and make the necessary changes. 

Includes weekly activities and a weekly one hour virtual call to discuss progress, blockages and next steps.


This 6 week intensive creates rapid change results in your life. Join a group of motivated and invested women like yourself for a group coaching experience which combines self directed lessons with weekly assistance and accountability sessions. 

This is for the woman who may be new to coaching, or enjoys having a support system and cheerleaders close at hand.

A great intro into private coaching, and amplifying your success in all areas of life!

G.E.T. Going includes lifetime course access including all updates!

Are you a more hands-on individual when it comes to change? Well join us for a deep dive experience that is not for the faint of heart. This program includes a luxury all-inclusive immersive experience that provides a MASSIVE transformation in all areas of your life!

3 night/4 day luxury all inclusive experience